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Town Council


The five members of the Upland Town Council serve as the legislative and executive body for the Town of Upland. A council president is elected from among the five members and has the power to sign contracts, ordinances and decrees approved by the council.

The Council appoints a Town Manager to manage the day to day operation of  the Town of Upland.

Contact Info

Address:  87 N. Main Street
P.O. Box 428
Upland, IN 46989
Phone number: (765) 998-7439[vc


  • Mr. John Bonham, President
  • Mr. Ron Sutherland, Vice President
  • Mr. Warren Ross, Park Board Liaison
  • Mr. Heath Slain
  • Mr. Matthew Voss

  • Upland Clerk Treasurer –  Mary Fletcher
  • Town Attorney – Adrienne Rines-Hammond
  • Town Manager – Jonathan M. Perez

Public Safety

Police Department

Address: 63 E Washington St, Upland, IN 46989
Phone: (765) 998-2862

Fire Department

Address: 105 N Main St, Upland, IN 46989

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