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Community Service

Upland Area Greenways

We work in concert with all Town of Upland councils, organizations, and entities to enhance the quality of life in Upland by closing the gap in the Cardinal Greenway and by providing exceptional local walking and bike riding trails that create a walkable community, promote healthy living, provide better safety for the public, and improve the opportunity to attract the next generation to Upland.

Primary Contact Info:
Phone:  (765) 998-2103

Our Town Upland

The mission of Our Town Upland is to respond to community needs by strategically engaging individuals and organizations so that our town continues to improve and grow while positively reflecting the small town heritage and the talent of its people.

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Upland Lions Club

Upland Lions Club empowers volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding.

Primary Contact Info:
Phone:  (765) 998-2103

Victory Acres

Victory Acres is a non-profit farm with a Community-Support Agriculture program located in east-central Indiana. We provide fresh, sustainable, organically-grown produce to our members. In addition, we are part of an Indianapolis-based nonprofit, Victory Inner-city Ministries, helping urban families in need. Our mission is to provide good food and good work in a safe, healthy environment.

Primary Contact Info:
Phone:  (765) 997-8448

Upland Garden Club

The mission of the Upland Garden Club is to provide a way for gardening enthusiasts to share experiences in an informal, hands-on way. The Club helps to beautify Upland in the several town parks and flower beds. The Garden Club is open to everyone, regardless of gardening experience or knowledge. The club meets monthly to discuss members’ gardening ideas and issues, and to coordinate Town gardening projects.

Primary Contact Info:
Phone:  (765) 717-3732

Children’s Ministries


Basics is a popular high-energy club through Upland Community Church that brings 3rd-6th graders and trained college students together for games, Bible study in small groups, and lots of fun.

Primary Contact Info:
Church Office Phone:  (765) 998-2746


Lift is a Christ-focused afterschool program in Upland that works with targeted 2nd–4th graders from Eastbrook South, helping them reach their full potential in mind, body, and soul through structured snack, free time, literacy, worship, and enrichment activities.

Primary Contact Info:
Dianne Biehl’s Phone:  (765) 765-618-3403

The Red Barn

The RedBarn Ministry is a partnership between Youth For Christ (YFC) and Lightrider Ministries. It serves as a before and after school program for Eastbrook students grades 6-12 who live in the Upland area. RedBarn Director Troy Shockey and his team work to relationally serve students each and every day of the school year and a couple of days a week throughout the summer.

Primary Contact Info:

Phone: (765) 998-7616
Address: 168 S 2nd Street