Walnut Creek Archery

Indoor archery range, outdoor 3-D target course.

In 1992 Bill Norton Jr. opened Walnut Creek Archery Club, INC. an outdoor 3-D archery range on a 75-acre farm that he and his wife owned in Upland, Indiana. The archery course was very successful and drew large crowds to the weekend tournament shoots. It wasn’t long before a building was put in so customers could register for the shoots inside and a small amount of retail could be browsed. The store was expanded several times in the 1990s as the local business grew. After 22 years in operation the original Walnut Creek Archery store location in Upland has closed with Bill’s retirement but the Walnut Creek Outdoor’s Gas City store has picked up and continues to expand operations today.

After nearly 60 years in the sporting goods industry, in one form or another the Norton family continues to bring great products, great prices, and best of all great customer service to local and online customers throughout the world.